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After exploring the universe in search of interesting planets, the Frooliens, cute three-eyed aliens, landed! Guess what? They found that Earth has a lot to offer, so each froolien is now fan of something different...


Although his friends found interests and obsessions on Earth, he's not convinced. He prefers to stay in his ship.


He sold a rock from his planet on Ebay, and space fans paid enough money for him to afford a Charvel Star guitar. All he needs now is a band.


The expedition's leader loves pop music and colors, and she wants to be accepted as an Earth girl.


What does he like the most about Earth? Its food! Currently, he is in love with mayonnaise and plans to open a fast food chain.


She enjoys extreme sports and adventures. Surfing became even more fun once she upgraded her surf board with a rocket engine.

Frooliens trading card game full range

The first main characters and their abilites on trading card game.

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Frooliens characters are also known as Lovely Aliens. Feel free to send email to contact@frooliens.com for any information or business request.

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